Meet Jorden!

A People and Culture Leader

Jorden is a business leader passionate about the employee experience and practicing people leadership in new and unique ways. With a background in a variety of industries, she has spent the last decade in technology. She has worked with many Canadian-owned businesses - TWD Technologies,, Adlib Software, CoreAVI, Geotab Inc.

She believes that taking the time to build connections between leaders and teams makes us more efficient and effective, and ensures we treat people like people and not resources. Try learning five new things about your team members today!

A snapshot of a zoom call

Jorden loves to learn! She recently started to pursue her MBA and finished an amazing Data Analytics course at Juno College. A voracious reader of non-fiction, she loves to find new ideas in books that are applicable at work.

Jorden is a mom of human and fur babies. She appreciates time outside and time spent in quiet reflection. When she's not being loud and telling jokes, of course.

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